Help us test the *new* iPhone app!



Can someone post a link to a game created on an iPhone? I found a glitch on the iPad!


Step one, drag out a random character. If it's a text block, don't name it.

Step two, drag out a set text, and type stuff

Step three, don't edit out of the set text block, but play the project.


Sorry for the late reply! Crazy schedule today with school and sports! I'll get those screenshots in a few minutes!
Edit: iPod is dead, i will give you those screenshots by tomorrow! Really sorry for the delay!


Well bug or not, getting an email saying welcome to hopscotch again is annoying... (Used same account)


This is not gonna help...


so there is no more alish???? :frowning:


this is a very nice idea but only my dad has an i phone!


The most confusing for me is how I can't see what I'm doing! Ok that doesn't make sense. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: But when I'm on the iPad just browsing any of the channels, I can see 4 different projects. When I'm on my phone, I can see only one! And I have no idea what's below, so I'm just scrolling, not knowing what's next. That's confusing to me!


Can I be a beta/alpha tester @Liza?


Such great details. Thanks! And interesting...this isn't happening on my iPhone 6 .. what kind of device are you using?


I have an iPhone 5s, but I'm hopefully getting the 6s in the next month. I'll try it out there if I upgrade!


I think everyone can!


This is a pretty big bug!
It won't let me choose an object!


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Strangely, it worked until today... Anywhere when I click "+ new object", the objects are not showing up.


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I restarted the app and it is working. Still, no one wants to be stuck in that place.


What device are you running?


Iphone 6 (no S)

  1. What colour? :stuck_out_tongue:
  2. That's weird... I have an iPhone 5s, and you would think that most of the errors would occur there. I've never gotten this before, but I'll try and get it next time :wink: