Help us test the *new* iPhone app!



Lol I made an account.
It looks so weird on an iPad!


I'm on the hunt for bugs! I'm still trying to get used to the different layout :grimacing::joy:


Oo! Id love to help but I only have an iPad mini. Maybe my sister emmabutterfly444 will let me use her iPod to look though. I'll also invite my cousin Intellection74 to this topic if she's not already on it. She's got an iPod!

EDIT: oops! ѕнє ιѕ σи тнιѕ тσρι¢ αℓяєα∂у!


Love the app! This is not a bug but what does Engi mean?


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Yay! Can I see it tomorrow before school when you come over?


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I just noticed that :sweat_smile: (I was so eager to see code I remixed a random project)


Another bug is that the game crashed and the project got cleared...


Yay @liza glad you are sharing with the public!


I found a bug in notifications:

The username and text that says 'liked your project' overlap.


Yes! Now are you working on it for android?


This is probably on purpose but it is annoying that some of the project is left out...


Hm, @bluedogmc-official this didn't happen to me! Can you send me a screenshot of the code and the exact steps you took to get the app to crash? And when you kept seeing the keyboard, can you get this to happen again? If so, please tell me how! Thanks!

@Stick88 can you send some details about what was happening when the app crashed? what were you doing? If you can try to make it happen again, that would be AWESOME! (and then if you do, tell us how!)


This is a great suggestion, but we're not ready to do it yet because we have no easy way to get feedback in the app. Since you can't send screenshots, it's not really a helpful way to beta test. But anyone who wants to get it can come to the forum and contribute here :slight_smile:


What about the layout do you find most confusing? Or what is the hardest to get used to?


PS love this picture with comments !!


It's happened to me a couple times now.

If you don't exit out of a text button when you finished typing it, the tab thing stays there.


You've probably heard this already, but on an iPhone 5S, 8 of the profiles are skipped over when I scroll. 4 are in the middle, and 4 are on the outside not even shown.


Hm, I can't replicate this. Can you giving even more detailed steps of what you did when this happened? Great bug report so far :slight_smile: