Help us test the *new* iPhone app!



I did this, and it worked fine. What phone or iPod generation do you have?


I can't get it-yet... My dad and I were chatting about it, and he isn't exactly into technology, but he said he will jump at any opportunity! If there is anything I can do to help, just @ me!


I have the newest generation iPod.


Nope! Just click the link!


Nope, Anyone can test, just make sure to test with an Iphone or Ipod. :D


I am so mad because I lost my charger, so I can't go on my iPhone. My parents were gonna buy me a charger so I could use it, but then they changed there mind and might buy me a phone for my bday. But that's in over a month...


I think I found a glitch...

ent last published


Can we post a project on this


another glitch!

When typing a text object, the keyboard stayed after I exited the project!
Also, it won't let me add a new rule to text objects!


I think THT is just looking for bugs on this topic :D


On hopscotch
I mean like about it


Oh! Yea, I think so :grinning:

EDIT: Wait, I misunderstood, I thought you meant post projects on the Iphone one :P


@Liza? Can we, this could make people more aware


The community isn't entirely in place, so the alpha/beta doesn't have recent projects yet.


I would hold off until mid to late beta :wink:


It wouldn't work ;-;
I Tried doing

But I can't find profiles.
(I'm on my iPad too. Hey, others are doing it.)


It is called "Profiles & Device Managment"


Go to,something else than, experiment I had to too and can't remember


Oh thanks! It didn't say Profiles and Device Management, but it said Device Management! :wink:


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