Help us test the *new* iPhone app!


As you may know, we’ve spent the past few months working on the very first Hopscotch editor for iPhone and iPod! :grin::open_mouth::joy:

We’re ready to show you the very first alpha version! Alpha is before beta, meaning it’s early stages in development—very rough around the edges and definitely buggy :slight_smile:

Which is where you come in! We’d love your help finding bugs and other problems in the brand new iPhone and iPod apps:

A few things to keep in mind:

  • The iPhone editor looks really different than the iPad version :open_mouth:. We had to make a lot of design changes to make the editor fit on a small screen. Spend some time playing with it and let us know how it feels.
  • We have optimized this alpha release for the iPhone 6, so other iPhones (iPhone 4, 5, and iPods) may look off.
  • This version will not work well on the iPad. Please only give feedback for the iPhone or iPod. When we release the app, we will only be releasing a new iPhone version. The current iPad version you know and love will stay the same.
  • We have spent most of our time on editor, and community things like remixing, branching, and more are not done yet. Please focus your feedback on the editor :slight_smile:
  • The beta community is totally separate from the regular Hopscotch community. Featured and trending do not update here, and there are lots of outdated projects.

There’s a ton you could share with us, but it would be most helpful if you could focus your testing on these questions:

  • Can you break the app using clones, a ton of objects and rules, or text objects? We’re especially concerned about these features and would love your help testing them.
  • "What doesn’t make sense?": Share things that you find confusing or don’t understand how to do.
  • "What is broken?": Share any bugs that you find. Pro tip: please include the specific steps you took leading up to the bug and add screenshots whenever possible. It helps us immensely!!
  • "What are you excited about?": Let us know what’s working well and what you like!

Post your feedback and bug reports in this thread! Tell us in as much detail possible what happened when the app glitched, and include screenshots of the result whenever you can.

Here’s the link to download it to your iPhone or iPod: . If you’re using iOS 9, you’ll need to “Trust” our beta by going to Settings -> General -> Profiles -> tap on your Profile -> “Trust” button. If you’re a visual learner, follow the steps in this gif (in this example, the person is trusting “Simulator”. You’ll need to trust “Hopscotch Technologies”).

Here’s a sneak peek:

<img src="//" width=“140” 499ght=“250”>

We’ve been working super hard on this and are excited for your honest feedback. Thanks again for all your help; Hopscotch wouldn’t be the same without you!

The Hopscotch Team
(Nina, Thomas, Asha, Rodrigo, Sam, Jocelyn, Liza, Ashi, and Meg)


Yay! Also, yippie for copy and paste!


Here’s an example of an AWESOME bug report from @MemorableChicken:

Here are some more bugs:
• Negative numbers do not work
• Check if else does not allow blocks to be placed above else
• Blocks sometimes duplicate when dragged
Finding bugs is fun! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

See how he gave specific example of when things didn’t work and included a screenshot? #baller


I don’t have a phone but I’m looking at it anyways

I’m a rebel :stuck_out_tongue:


Yay! Charging my iPod so I may download it!



Here’s some suggestions

I know that you’re probably going to add this but, yeah :stuck_out_tongue:


Maybe you could color-code it like the iPad version? Also maybe add lines to separate the different sections.


*raises hand

Sensei, I found a bug :D<ya

Whenever you press :iphone: is tapped, it will bring you up to the select what is tapped screen when you picked phone is tapped.


Can I Help You? <hhjjhhdrtffgggghhh


Yay! I would test, but we have to ask our mom before downloading anything. :disappointed: But anyway, it really should be color-coded like the iPad version, and it looks really cool so far!

And it would be really cool to beta test!


I totally wish I could test, but my iPod is too old and my mom doesn’t like it when I download things on her phone. My neighbors have like 8 phones that their mom brought home from work and we could find one that works and try it. When it comes out for android, I could do some testing.


I’m gonna do some awesome testing Sendai @L

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Ok! @Liza it’s downloading on my iPod right now! Can’t wait to use it :smiley:


It is really cool! I like it a lot!


I’m having a problem getting it!


I just downloaded it!


So I’ve been playing around with it, and I love it!
The layout is very dif. From iPad, but I actually like the layout! I think it is very well made, considering there isn’t a lot of space to work with on iPhone screens. I just published a test project, and it works fine!
I agree that it should be color coded, I think it would make it easier to find blocks.
One bug I found is when viewing the code of a project published on iPad, it looks weird.
I am really exited because I have a family iPad, and now I don’t have to steal the iPad from my family to go on hopscotch, I can just use my iPod. :joy:
Questions for you:
Will I be able to sign in to my account that I made on iPad on iPod?

Thank you and the hopscotch team for all your amazing work!

Much thanks,


Thank you so much!!!

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#I Found a new glitch!
When you make a text object,and try to type numbers or symbols (:/!:’ etc), the symbols and numbers don’t show up, and the app crashes!


I did this, and it worked fine. What phone or iPod generation do you have?


I can’t get it-yet… My dad and I were chatting about it, and he isn’t exactly into technology, but he said he will jump at any opportunity! If there is anything I can do to help, just @ me!