Help us squash some bugs


Hi @Liza

Here's something that could/should be fixed that arguably fits under "b) losing your work"

If events are rearranged via drag & drop the order reverts after exiting and re-entering the project.


I made a topic about this that goes into more detail.


Was your ringer on?




your username: Ninjago...CLZ
project title: (It was a draft, not published)
steps to reproduce the bug: edit the project and then set text to something with multiple long lines, and set position to the middle of the screen, and black on a white BG. You can't see the text, no matter what you try.


Just reposting a link to a topic that was made about the Repeat & Random blocks not working correctly when used together. Thought it might be easier for you to find with a link from this topic.


Hi @Liza - just bumping this one too



The OP seeks to addres bugs related to lag. A while back I had a discussion with Thomas regarding lag that was introduced when the max # of clones was increased. These issues still exist & prevent clones from being used effectively.

See this and subsequent posts:


I haven't looked through the whole conversation but I know one for me is when you like your own project, and then someone remixes that project, if you click on the original project that you made the The like button won't be filled in like you selected it. F your u try to click or tap on it, the error screen box that says error status blah blah will appear.


I’ve had a problem where creating a fun new name for a new account (not for me just my friend) and we were looking at the randomly generated names but at one point the names just went blank and the app stopped working.