Help us squash some bugs

Hey all, we’re in major bug investigation mode right now and need your help.

If you have experienced a) the “Womp” error; b) losing your work; or c) lagginess, please help us by providing the below info in a post in the Bugs with Hopscotch category:

Your username:
Project title:
Steps to reproduce the bug: (by this we mean: can you make the bug happen again in a repeatable fashion? Try recreating parts of your drafts until you can cause the bug to happen. Then do the same thing again and see if it triggers the bug. Once you’ve got this, post it here!)

The more specific your steps, the quicker we can get these bugs fixed! Note that we’re still working on the file size bug. We have info on that.

Thanks so so much!


Oh okay! Let me see if I find any bugs!


You can call us the bug squashing patrol


Okay, I normally code with the iOS 7 editor, but sometimes with the newer editor, and if I find any bugs there I will notice you about it.
Also, could you help me categorize some topics? I have a few category ideas that we can discuss in a topic, just reply to this and I’ll tag you in the posts that I am talking about.


Your username: die grüne banane
Project title: Hogwarts bhhjgghj
Steps to reproduce the bug: I lost a lot of my project multiple times, I just exited the project and came back to it and I lost code. I know I saved my work. Now I make a copy of the game that I am making every time I add code, because usually that way I don’t lose my code.


Username: Shivelight [Hetalian]

Project title: sunlight (it was a draft, not a published project) ((this bug occurred in all my drafts))

Steps to reproduce the bug: Set Size to a large number / set clone size to a large number, creates a Womp! bug.


Alright! I’ll look right away!


Yes, ma’am!
Lol ;)))


It sometimes happens that others projects work weird for me instead of how it should be.


This is for my friend who is on hold


Your username: CodiLabs
Project title: it always happens when I’m coding an art pad…
Steps to reproduce the bug: usually, I’ve coded a few colors into it, and when I go back in after a break, it loads, and the “womp” error.


Also happens when I’m setting the color to a shape and set it to the right color, when I plan the project, it’s either smaller than it should be, or bigger than it should be. It’s really annoying. And just yesterday, I was setting a text to be a small circle(from the japanese/kana keyboard) and when I played it, it… wasn’t… small…


your username: Smilingstudios
project title: My drafts and COAN’s project
steps to reproduce the bug: you go into your drafts edit sime code ( Using clones ) then press the green play button
@Liza 1 more topic till 100 topics yey!


It’s mainly the clones that causes the problem for me!


Hi! I’d be happy to help with the “squishing” of these annoying bugs. :slight_smile:

The username of my Hopscotch account where these bugs happen the most is -frangipani-. The “womp” bug happens on all my accounts, so it might just be that I use that one the most. That account was the one that the deletion happened to me on.

The “womp” error has happened to me on too many projects to remember the names of, almost every draft or published project I enter does it. It happens more often on drafts, I find. The deletion error happened to me on 2 projects, titled “Donuts!” and “Macarons!” respectively.

The “womp” happens to me in most drafts and some published projects, so basically the steps are just to find a project and enter it. The deletion happened to me when I created 2 drafts that I started working on, and logged out. I then logged into a different account. Then I logged out of that one and back into the account with the 2 drafts. I went to open my drafts, and most of my code on each had disappeared.

I hope that helped, and I hope you can figure out what caused the bugs and stop them. :D


Here are some self explanatory bugs!

I don’t know how to cause them, but it happens ALOT…


There is this too:

although i don’t have very specific details on what caused it, just that the project displays Womp after a few seconds.


Ohhhhh, ok. Thanks! But I didn’t record… hmmm


Wow. A lot here.

  1. I’m working on this amazing game, and the editor is slow.
    (I don’t want to share the title as such, but a quick detail would be that it starts with an “s” and is my first draft.

  2. The featured bug. This has been happening forever. Like, really? Why would this bug just delete and shuffle projects? I sent an email about 2 months ago about this, and was answered by Awesomeonion. Please fix.

  3. Lagginess, and slowness of both the editor and draft gameplay. This also includes the “Womp! Something went wrong.” thingy. I’m using older drafts that don’t consist of this “Womp” bug.

  4. Loads. Everything is taking forever to load. Published projects drafts, the app, looking at people’s profiles - everything.


Hi @Liza

Here’s something that could/should be fixed that arguably fits under “b) losing your work”

If events are rearranged via drag & drop the order reverts after exiting and re-entering the project.