Help us improve Hopscotch and get 1 month of premium for free!

Hey Hopscotchers!

Want 1 month of free access to Hopscotch premium? I just need ~20 minutes of your time!

I’m conducting user feedback interviews, and I’d love to talk to a few of you over video chat to get your ideas on how to improve Hopscotch.

If interested, please have your parent/guardian send me an email at to schedule a video call. (I need their permission to speak with you.)

It’ll be a super casual conversation with 1-2 of us from the Hopscotch team, plus you and your parent/guardian. We’ll just ask you a few questions about your journey with Hopscotch, what you like, what can be improved, etc. There are no wrong answers!

If you’re selected to interview, we’ll give you 1 month free of Hopscotch premium with custom art uploads, unlimited projects, beta editor access, and more!

I look forward to meeting some of you!


Wow cool! First post too

This sounds amazing!


Wow, I don’t think I’ll be applying since I’ve done this twice…


This sounds pretty cool!


Hmm I may wanna try this but I already have the sub


This is cool!
I already have the subscription, so I think I’ll pass, so others can get it. :))


U can postpone when u receive it I think


this sounds epico

if we already have the sub, can we give the 1 month to someone else?
and as a forum curator would I be allowed to do this?


Oof if we could share the sub that’d be amazing


Ahh… i would love this, but i don’t like the idea of a video chat, maybe we could do it on the forum…


U guys r gonna love this

Wow, very cool!


Why not? THT is one of the most trusted businesses I know


Yes, but the idea of showing my face is a little too much…

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Even to THT? Most people’s faces are all over the internet, THT is not recording ur call, think about it if anything happened to u it would ruin their careers, it’s not worth it for them. Think logically about it. What REAL danger are u facing?

I’m also sure they would be fine if u turned of ur camera

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I’m only not doing it because I’ve got the sub
This would be amazing
I may still do it if the sub is transferable

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I already have sub, can I still call?

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U can still do it w/ the sub, just cancel it then start ur month

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Yes, i get that, but i don’t really know THT, so that is why, plus even if i convinced myself, i still have to convince my parents, and ummm… u get it

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Yea, personally I have always had an obsession with THT, it went so far that I almost got to visit hopscotch ha a few months ago.