Help, Truth or dare!


Hi! I'm in the middle of making a Truth or dare game (with names that you can write in) but can't work out how to do it because the code is sooooo complex! Please HELP! (@alish @t1_hopscotch @oio @Liza @Ian @Phase_Studios @Stradyvarious or anyone that can help) ANSWER ASAP!!!!


Work out how many dares you want. each time dare tapped set value dare random 1-20
if dare = 1 set text ?
if 2 set text ?


Have a truth button and a dare button. Set, when truth is tapped, set value truth to random 1-(however many truths you want). Set when dare is tapped, set value dare to (however many dares you want). Then have a text object beinvisible at the start but when truth is tapped check once if truth is one, (then set text to whatever truth), check if truth is two (settext another truth) and repeat. Once you finished checking then put a set invisibility block (0). Repeat this for the dares but check for dares instead.


Do you want me tomake an example?


Yes please.... Thank you all for answering in the first 10 minuets of the post!


I will post the link you can add more dares and truths if you like! Just dont forget to increase the range of how many truths/dares you can have


Ok! Thanks for doing this! My friends have been bugging me about it! Now I can get it done over the weekend!!! Yay!


Click here
Feel free to add detail/more options. You don't really need to give credit, it wasn't hard to make


Thanks I love it, and yes there is a reason I should put credit in!!! You pretty much tought me how to do it!! (As well as @Stradyvarious)


dont give me credit. i wish to be invisible.


Ok invisible @Stradyvarious if you wish to...


going to sleep now .goodnight.


Omg its very late! Goodnight!


You don't have to put me in as wellHaha it is very funny at school I am so shy I love to stay 'Da Nobody' :P. Also, the code I used pretty much how randomisers aremade and that is how I made my sorting hat. So yeah, just set a value to a random number and check each number then set text to something differentfor each check.


wait waaaaat!?! da sorting hat is not random! how dare you suggest that it could be! :rage: yeah no it's ok no mind reading block in hopscotch... but if...

when play button is tapped
set text to ((ipad)thoughts)

so many applications


I never said it was random, if you mean that I was describing it. I used the randomiser text code to make my sorting hat.