-Help to reach secret blocks-


So I now that COAN (Creations of a noob) knows how to reach the secret blocks. And they really are not secret blocks, they just have to be reached through a JSON file draft. The blocks also do not exist in the whole project. They only exist in one object. I do not know how to reach the blocks though.


@Awesome_E might be able to help you. He made a Siri shortcut to modify your Json files.


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Here’s some posts explaining how to access them:

By editing the json file you can add in secret blocks.
You could also remix a project that already has them:


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Just a regular charger, plugged into an USB port.


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You actually won’t need a computer. Go to this topic and look at the instructions. All you need is that and an ability named “ae_json_edit” – then copy and paste the code after selecting abilities when you run it