Help this is really creepy


Um so when I check preferences on my account IT SAYS MY EXACT LOCATION, WHAT DEVICE I’M USING, AND MY NAME. Does anyone know what’s happening?!


Discourse recently made a few new features to all of their forums. One of those features shows who’s using your account. You only really need it if you want to know if you’ve gotten hacked.


Ok, thank you. That helps a lot


Yeah I just noticed that


That is a feature addd to Discourse earlier this year.

The Hopscotch team hide it, but it gets unhidden every update. If you really want to clear it, log out all. Then log out whenever you use the forum.

Hope this helps.


yeah that is kinda creepy, although it is helpful


Stalkers may have hacked your device.


New excuse to have VPN activated and a more secure password


Yeah, what @Gobli09 said. You’re the only one who can see it, luckily.


You are the only one who can see this, like others said. This is good if you think that you have been hacked. You will be able to see every login to your account. Most websites know this anyways, but I understand if this might be a little bit “creepy” to you.