Help test my game! (bugs and lag help!)


So today there was an update to Hopscotch which made all my projects run faster. This is normally good, but the project that I was about to publish is now running at twice the speed. I tried slowing it down by changing the variables but that just caused more problems and bugs. Any ideas of what to do??

EDIT: @Petrichor and anyone else would you mind testing my game? Let me know if it is laggy at all because sometime after you hook the fish it gets laggy for a second. For some reason when I play It through the link it is super slow but when I play it as my draft it is normal speed.


Why is it running faster a bad thing?

If you’re using waits, try changing them to waits that last a specific amount of frames.


It’s a game with objects that move across the screen, and they move using set position blocks. The problem with the project running faster is that it lags (moves 5 forward, stops for a split second, and then moves 5 more) instead of one fluid movement. I’ll post a screen recording of the project later.


Okay. That’s odd. So it’s like

Set position (self x position + 5, self y position)?


Yes exactly, which for some reason makes them move weirdly.


I’ll test some stuff, give me a second.


Also, are they in draw a trail blocks?


Thanks, and no it’s just in a repeat loop.


The problem also might be that the project has a lot of clones. (Not a huge amount but maybe around 500)


I’m seeing it too on a new project with just a sloth

I may have fixed it by having two rules of move forward 2.5, but it may not be fixed.

Sometimes it looks like it stops for a bit but I think it’s just changing y with my finger.

I’ll remove the last’s touch y actually


Okay I don’t think I’m seeing it.


Now that I’m looking at my project again it isn’t doing it as much, every once in a while they glitch and do it but not often. Now there seems to be more of an issue with the project lagging at certain times. I’ll send a screen recording of it


Wait, now it’s not lagging at all and I didn’t even change anything. Weird.


I didn’t encounter any lag.

I was only able to do free play mode though because I have my Hopscotch in a differential font (courier) so the start button was blocked, but it was pretty fun.

I like it.


Ok great! Was it running slow though? It was slow for me. I think the new update didn’t work on the link.


No. It was fine, why?

I think. It didn’t seem slow to me.


Ok. Were the fish from the beginning screen still sticking out during the game like this: (that’s what happened to me when I used the link)




Hmm, try this one:


That works.