Help- Telling you how to be safe on Hopscotch


Here is some help on how to stay safe on hopscotch. I know a lot of people did these But, you know... I WANT TO BE ONE OF DEM :smile: So, first thing is first, never give out personal information. Your nickname or name is okay, I'm talking about where you live, your last name, etc. Second is, do NOT give out your Hopscotch password to ANYONE AT ALL!!!!! Except for your parents. Third, is do not make projects that have to do with your and others personal info. Such as some RP's, but not all mostly. Fourth, do not talk to any Suspisious hopscotchers. Such as ones who want your parents name, your last name, where you live, or if you date anyone. Fith, DO NOT DATE ON HOPSCOTCH!!! It's both gross and not what the game is for. Code.. Don't go on a honey moon! Geez! Sixth, when on forum, do not take pictures of yourself and put them as your banner, or profile picture. You know, things like that equal bad stuff, sweets. Seventh, always make sure you change your password every month, I will decrease your chance of being hacked. Eighth, If you see any bad/inappropriate/something taking personal info, report it. What will happen, is if it gets reported enough, it will get removed from the screen where you find things to play. Second to last, take care of the community and make it the safest place! Lastly, Make sure to have fun, but stay safe at the same time!


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But there is already a couple topics like this, like

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I know, I'm not that gullible. I just wanted to make one, because I think it's helpful to have these around...


Also, it isn't exactly all social media safety. I was basically only talking about Hopscotch..


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Kinda... I mean all of them have different tips, but I just thought at random @SnowGirl_Studios