Help Teams Leader Voting



We need to pick Leaders for The Help Teams...
Here the polls are, they are blind but please don't vote for yourself!

Team Advice

Team Peace

Team Positivity

I will also be voting :slight_smile:
Sorry if I've double tagged you...

The Help Teams! You can't be a leader for a team, you can still be a member!

This is a great idea!


That's a lot to scroll through :sweat_smile:...


Hi! Amazing idea! I've seen the sign up topic for dis, but I couldn't decide what to sign up for...


Cool idea! I'm glad I'm not in the list.
I'm a horrible leader.


Thanks for voting me second ppl :smiley:


Please don't, the voting isn't over. Just because you aren't Team Leader, it doesn't mean that you aren't a valuable member of the team!


I vote for u !..... I did!


Oh my goose, I'm voted first??

?i don't understand?


I voted! Good luck to everybody!!


When will it finish?


Wait...what is this for?


I can't wait for the results to come out! Thanks to everyone who voted for me :D


What do we do here ?? What d you mean by the title ??


Thank you whoever voted for me !! It is my hopscotch dream to become a leader which I do not think will happen !!




Can i be nominated plz


When is this over? @IKeudin


Sorry, you can't be leader of the teams, I can't edit the form...


Good thing nobody wants me as leader, I'd do something really weird XD