Help, story not working!



I have made the start of a collab project for @Stradyvarious and @Wow_woman but whenever i try to explore the cliff story it keeps on flashing. Note: Length=page no.
Here is the link:


i cant really help much as you aren't using the code i set up for the story/changing pages. I'll try to find whats wrong. it would be easier if you just tapped the choice to make instead of swiping and checking when length equals. i think you've made the code too difficult when it can be easy.


It is a choose your own story kind of project. Here are the screen shots and bugs.

The first one is the first text
The second is you can choose which way you go.
There is a photo of one with flashing or partially transparent text, it occurs when I select go down cliff. The the options are meant to be: go in the cave and go in the boat.
The last two are when I select the shack. There is meant to be a brief description of the shack then you can choose to sleep or to explore. Instead it shows the text when you click explore, but when you swipe to go back, it displays the description.


Ok I think I might make that. I think it has something to do with the fact I may have added something to make the page go forward one when you click an option.