Help rainbow pad!



Why does this start with a line? Help please! Creadit included!


First reply! @KawaiiRose can you send the code?


How do i do it? Do i take a pic of the cod?


You take a screen shot of the code and if you are on an iPad then you will see a photo icon while you are writing a post tap that and add in your screenshot,.

Edit: Oh you know how to...ok nvm

Like that?


Your main problem is that whenever "Color" equals 0 or 2, it draws to last touch x and y. However, when you first enter the project, "Color" equals 0. You also haven't tapped yet, and it sets the position to the automatic beginning last touch x and y, the middle of the screen, which is why it draws the line.

I think the easiest solution is to replace your two "when color = 0" and "when color = 2" rules with one "when ipad is pressed" rule, and use a check once if else to check "color" and set the trail color. That way, it will only draw when you press the ipad.

Did that make any sense? Sorry, I'm not great at explaining... I can include screenshots if you want.


I looked at the code and it looked fine well I guess I'm just that dum.b


I need screenshot. Or, you could edit the code and put re: or something like that


You're not dum.b! It was just a little line of code that created the glitch. I only knew because I'd seen that glitch before, and therefore knew how to fix it.

Never call yourself dum.b, because it's definitely not true.


Okay! I'll remix it right now!


thanks! but it would've been better if you remixed V.2 of it because now i have to add all of the other stuff...thanks anyway!


Nice explanation :smiley: