Help plz plz😭 😭😭😭😭 β€” data after iPad backup


Hey, my iPad got backed up during a software update so it messed it up so it went back to my IPad's progress in March, before I had hopscotch. So I was womdering if you could possibly transfer my daya


Hey @TheAquamarineWolf oh no that's frustrating ): Before you updated your iPad to new software, did you back up your iPad recently onto the computer?

Otherwise I'm not sure if you'll be able to get your data back unfortunately :disappointed: In the future Hopscotch will have accounts and data will be backed up on their servers so it will stop this from happening again at least.


The last time we backed it up was in March so that's why its on March's progress. I didn't do it more recent then that.


@TheAquamarineWolf That's so sad! So, I'm wondering something. Did you back it up before the software update? I can't really figure it out without that info. :wink:


Hi @TheAquamarineWolf! Ooooo noes!

Did you lose your Hopscotch data? If it's not on your iPad, we unfortunately cannot pull it (your account was saved locally to your iPad). This is why we're adding loginsβ€”we're going to save your account data to our server. It will prevent stuff like this from happening!

So sorry :-\


No. Our last backup was in March for some reason. So it changed my iPad to the way it was in March. So I had to re get Hopscotch and start a new account. But no I did not back it up before I updated.


): @TheAquamarineWolf yes that's why it only appeared with your progress from March. At least in the future you know why it's important to back up every so often so your latest progress is saved :smiley:


Ok. I don't know how you can retrieve what progress was on there before the update. I don't even know IF you can. I'll look it up soon. Hang in there! :wink:


You must have had a lot of data on your iCloud account, this has happened to me before, but wasn't as bad as this, it was only a month, and I haven't had joined hopscotch at the time. If this is the case, if you ever get a warning saying something like...

IPad was not able to back-up
Backups occur when your device is charging unless your iCloud account is already filled with data.

delete any unnecessary movies, photos, games, and videos from your device. Notifying your parents would also be good.



Now that you mentioned it, that's what happened ai kept getting warning that my iCloud was full and it would say something about backups. That's what happened. My dad increased my icloud storage so it shouldn't happen again


When are they going to be added?


They SHOULD be in the next update.


Logins will be release in about a week! The release is awaiting Apple's approval...


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