Help plz I just lost my chance


So I just was joking around with uptown and now he want me gone from his collab any other collab a I can join


If I have to I might make another collab not just my slug one but a poring one


So.. you mean Uptown Studios? •-•
He was probably offended or annoyed, and I don't think he's that mad at you!


No no no I mean @ArtyAnimal said I was trying to steal ideas from @UptownStudios collab but I was joking now I'm not in arty's collab anymore


Can anyone help meh this is really lame


Um...ok. Then you can start a collab of your own, or join one! :wink:



I think you're still in! :smile:


Well you could have said you're not in my collab anymore! :rage:


I think @SlugTerraDan thought that s/he was out


Well you're still in my collab @SlugTerraDan!


You're still in mine YAYAYAYAYAYAY!!!!!!


Sweet that nice well we have to get cracking for the collab


Anyway, pretty sure we're going to do a Meeow game


@SlugTerraDan Do you have any unfinished discussion or do you want to close the topic? :wink:


Close plz and banish it forever


@Follow4LikesOfficial close this please! Owner is requesting to close it! :wink: