Help plz -BaconStudios


Ok so I'm so confused some people have a recording button on their HS app when they go into a game but I don't have it...anyone else not have it???
I have iOS 10 and I have the newest hopscotch version


Screenshot plzzz
Can i see?


can u show me ur screen 4 hopscotch ?? @BaconStudios


See what? @Refugeecat123




See the screen, like hermione- senpai- said.


That would be a question for @Liza




I have an iPadPro and I have it, what device are you on.

I think you need a certain device.


I have a iPad 4th generation


Hmmm maybe it's to old for the record. Who knows, even though that iPad isn't that old.


@Montoya said you just need iOS 10 and I have it


Oh I don't know then.


I'm pretty sure you have to have the iPad mini 2+, the iPad Air 1+, the iPad Pro 9.7, or the iPad Pro 12.9 inch.

I hope this helped!


You need a newer ipad/iphone.


I thought it was IOS 9...




i have never experience this problem so i really don't know



Why were you up so late?


What do you mean up so late...