Help plz, anyone


Can anyone send me a hopscotch follow button pic and help me on how to get images with no background?


Please explain more clearly, and I will help :slight_smile:


Just take a screenshot of the button then go into photos and crop out everything else except the button.


I will do it next time.


For images, just find images with a white background. That should work. But I don't really know bc I don't have the subscription.


Thanks for the help. :blush:


How to find images without a background-- either go to a cropping app or website and erase the background, or search pdf images


Your welcome! And welcome to the Forum BTW


Ok :ok_hand: I will try now.


When did you start? I'm curious.


You can get images with no background by getting an application (drawing apps are somewhat more better for this) with a png. and transparent option!
First, import a photo, and then clear out all the excess parts of the photo!
Make all layers invisible except the one with your picture, and select PNG for exporting (unless there's a Transparent PNG option. Then you choose that one.)! Save it to your photos, and now you can get an image w/ no background!


Hmm... that's confusing....


Hopscotching? In December of last year.

Forming? I think in Feburary.


I use an app called Back Eraser!


If you use the app sketches pro, you can make things transparent


Sorry idk about the transparent thing...


Welcome! Tag me for help on the forum! (Tagging is posting a @ before someone's name and posting it. Mine would be @TheRainbowChicken)


If I could, I would, but I don't have Photoshop or anything like that. You could still crop them accurately, and it should work. :slight_smile:


Thanks! What is your profile name because I will follow you.


I use that too... I love your lemonade stand game so much! Was it hard to make?