Help..pls debug my code ◇◆◇◆


Hey! Sad to say that there is a bug that has been ticking me off agian. So the bug brings a 14 to 27 second delay on adding a block to code. I am not sure how to show this but this bug really does ocuur not only on one project.
◆This bug starts to happen when you have 5 or more objects with code. (While coding in the 7th through 10th object you would start experiencing the delay,and as you add more objects the delay would increase)
◇thank you for reading this topic and ask any questions If I need to be more specific :D


Have you got two devices that you use for hopscotch? Have you copied the draft??


Do you mind if I move this topic to the Bugs with Hopscotch category? This topic fits in that category more. :)


I don't mind at all :D


No I don't have two devices and no these happened to non-copied drafts (and I tested this earlier before this post (the bug will still occur if I even copied the draft)).


Hmm maybe delete hopscotch and get it back again??

make sure you know your password

Sorry I'm not an expert :((


I have tried that before :/
But thanks anyway ;)


Sorry I'm not really helping you need professional help XD (does hooscotch need updating????)


XD thank you for honesty
I still appreciate that you tried to help me (⁎⁍̴̆Ɛ⁍̴̆⁎)


It's the "file dive bug" thy are working on it. @ThinBuffalo has a temporary fix for it. Sorry for spelling, I'm on an iPhone.


Oh thx sorry for da late reply


you have a case of overflowing code. basically, you jammed in too much code already.


Post a link to the project & I'll remix a fixed version later tonight (if the problem is the "file size bug")


Cool! Happy birthday! ^^


Oh sorry that I haven't read this reply earlier I had to do some things in IRL. Anyways I took some parts of the code and tried to make the code a smaller version (if I worded that weird I mean by:making the code shorter and simpler) ,by doing this the lag started to clear up. So anyways thanks for asking to fix this but I think I just need to keep this up and the code won't be so laggy.

I still really appreciate it doe!
Oh yeah..I am not sure if this works with other hopscotchers out there because the project I was working was made in the last version of hopscotch (didn't do this on purpose it was just because Hopscotch started sending a lot of recent updates).