Help please with public accounts!


Help! I have seen people making public accounts,but how do I log in to one?


@AHappyCoder, you have to sign out of your account, by pressing the ... then you can log out, then you can type in the username and password.


Thanks! but where do I type the username and password?


Oh I forgot, you don't press the get started button, you press the other, I am not on my IPad.


I forgot my password


For what? Twenty2198


My account on my ipad


Email The Hopscotch Team at


Ok Thank you for that


Your welcome.Twenty2


Yes. If they don't reply soon, you can log into my guest account until they reply (username and password: PopTart0219- Guest )


Is it a website or an email


What do you mean ? Jjj


Wheni tried to email them it said invalid email


Hold on, posting a topic to help you :wink:


Thank you poptart0219


I made a guest account where ther user and pass are HopscotchGuest


Ok I've made an account for everyone
It's called community
And password is hopscotch


The username is everyone play
And the password,is community account