Help! Please look Hopscotch Team!



So with the new update I have found something that doesnt work, i dont know if this happens to everyone or just me: when I copy and paste a link, it doesnt work, it just takes me to the Hopscotch app. I use the links on the forum, and i use the forum on my iPad. So the links dont work on my iPad, but they may or may not work on a computer. If you are experiencing this, can you please tell me?



I think this is happening to everyone. I've seen one or two comments saying they are fixing it. c:

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Oh ok. I jave never seen anyone say anything about this. Thanks fer the info.


Maybe you could have just posted this in the update topic!

@SmilingSnowflakes should we merge these?


Oh, yah i dont care if this get merged. I just wanted to know if this was a problem with my iPad or with the new update. Now that I have been given info, however, i dont care if this topic is merged or deleted.