Help please I'm in trouble



Oh no I can't reply @liza was I suspended I need help please


Was the topic closed? Can you show us a screenshot of what you mean


What do you mean? Can you maybe be more specific?


Yeah sure 1 sec. Maby it's only to @friendship2468 I no no


Are you blaming me for something?


She means that for some reason she can't reply to you, I think.


No I am defied toy not

only Froendship2468 please

I read HP when I'm mad, I have a toy called he'd wig but the one I like to cuddle with is Called Nico Hudson we have a lot in common. My class 2 kids can speak Spanish and it's just never mind
Is what I wanted to tell u


It said you were suspended for some reason? That's not good! :(

Can you give us some more details? What did it say when you were suspended?


I wasn't I have never been and didn't know what it meant sorry for the inconvenience


Oh no! You can reply here, so I don't think it's suspension. The topic was probably closed :wink:


Did it give you some sort of message?

Another question: were you trying to reply to a topic that was closed?


I do too. HP keeps me alive. Hedwig (some random owl form a a zoo I bought and named her Hedwig) keeps me company when I get home. Everyone at my table speaks Spanish and they are big mean people. Alst everyone.


Yeah sorry everybody um


I'm confused, Is there still a problem currently happening now :or was it something you needed to tell @friendship2468 :confused:


This happens you need to log out and come back in it happens to me all the time and it's so anoying!