Help! Please, I don't know what I did wrong!


Why Isn't this working? The code is getting messed up as i add more bunnies... why??


It's because there is the one value functioning on multiple objects at the same time! :D

Try using change width instead. :D
Or... Anything that does not use values!
Or... Make a new value for each object!


What's wrong? The ears?


I came late, but I agree with SS. Try creating separate values, or don't use them at all. :smile:


Yea the ears. @SmilingSnowflakes I tried doing that and it still ended up the same way....


In that case, the inside ear's value is set to 0 right now, use a set value block to set it to 20 or whatever you want.


I did that but when i added another bunny it went back to the old version... what do i do?


This is the problem when you use more than one character with a single value. I suggest using clones.


How would I use the clones?



I'm on my computer, but when I'm on my iPad, I'll show you.


Okay thank you so much