Help PLEASE! I can't figure this out


Does anyone know how to make the plane on the warp speed project?


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Try looking at the project that inspired the video. It was made by axolotl.


You can search up the video on YouTube if you're comfortable with the whole different editor thing.


I did but it showed some text characters that I don't know what they are


Just from watching the YouTube video and trying to deconstruct the plane, one way to recreate it would be:

Wings: capital I, rotated 90 deg, size 1500%
Fuselage: capital I (maybe 2 of them), 90 deg, 500%
Canopy: capital D, 90 deg, 300%
The silhouette and flames are standard emojis

Of course you still have to set their relative positions. Good luck & have fun


Copy and paste the text from the original project.


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Hmm, I'm not sure. As @Nerd4Ever said, try copying and pasting the text from the original project.
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I'll try that thank you