Help!:-) Please help I'm new to this forum!



I love this! I'm Hermione Granger on the real Hopscotch! I really hope we have fun! Can you all reply to this explaining things! Thanks!-HermioneGranger:heart_eyes:


Thanks! I love your profile pic! I think I'll change mine!!!:yum:


Thx! I am doing typing on my computer and screen shots and those post on my I pad soooo hard and confusing lol
btw do you want to do a project on hopscotch together? I am doing this and hopscotch at the same time :girl:


Sure! What do u wanna make?


Its up to you, what are your favorite things to make? I like making webs games, and movies wait I LOVE making everything so it is your choice:)


Well first I have a question? I forgot how to post on this! And how about a keep calm with a custom color smooth background with pink and teal!


I like it! ps on Hopscotch I cant find you so can you like a project or follow so I can find you
and it will say at the top Create new topic click on the. if it is not there refresh


@SnowGirl_Studios @HermioneGranger

The forum is more specifically for getting help, sharing tips, discussing Hopscotch and collaborating. So you can talk to each other about your projects, but not socialising like Facebook or Twitter, otherwise it makes it difficult to find relevant information on posts.

You can have a look at the Welcome to the Hopscotch forum post, and read through the Community Guidelines too. Anyway welcome to the forum!


A few tips to begin are...
Post relevant info
Help hopscotchers
LOVE the forum
If you want some tips on making a tutorial on here just come to my profile and look at my tutorial.
Thanks for reading



I'm pretty sure @t1_hopscotch was right.
You go on the Hopscotch Forum to either make a topic, about "I need help", or "Cool Techne", or whatever, but the Hopscotch forum isn't a chat room. I've learned that. I wish it was too, but it isn't. Peace out.


Hi! This is ixCode here. Anything you can introduce me to this forum? Note: Don't be mean to me.


Hi ixCode! Click on this text to go to the forum that you need! :grinning:


Best photo ever @Explorer_


Is that a compliment or an insult?


Complement @Explorer_