Help! Pipes in flappy bird are not working


I've been working on a Flappy Bird game and something is not working right. When I play it, the pipes get stuck along the right side of the screen, and don't move across it like they're supposed to.

Can someone help me debug this project? Here is the code:

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Found the Problem

Hi @ExuberantPenne!

I think I found the problem in your code. :wink:
In your code, you told the pipes to repeat forever move forward 1000. Since 1000 is a positive number, your pipes will go to the right :arrow_right:. If you tell your pipes to go -1000, which is a negative number they will go to the
left :arrow_left:.

So, to make your pipes move left, change move forward 1000 to -1000.

Here is a screenshot I took so you can visualize and remember what I am saying:

Good luck on your flappy bird game!
Hope this helps! :grinning::wink:


Hey @ExuberantPenne, @Madi_Hopscotch_'s suggestion of changing the Change X by 1000 to Change X by -1000 should help, if it doesn't then let us know!

And also, just in case you've missed it, in your Fall ability for Bird (your second screenshot), make sure you drag out the Up down value into the blank of the Increase Value block.

Here I replicated the original code (the space in the black box that's marked in the picture is what I'm talking about):

And here, make sure you drag the Up down value inside:

And yes good luck on your game too!




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