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I have found it very hard to post topics because someone has already made it and I don't want people to clog up the forum so before you post a topic you can tell everyone what your topics about then other people can say if they have seen a topic like that or have talked on it. It is a lot easier than searching because when you are searching you must search for the exact wording or very very close to it so sometimes it is very hard.

There are a few rules
Please don't steal others topic ideas.
Stay on topic.
Thank you

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Hi! Here is someone on this topic!


Are you happy that somebody finally replied?


Kind of thanks for replying I guess :slight_smile:


I understand when people make a topic and nobody post anything in that topic.:wink:


yeah thats why I make a OMTL most of the time because no one is replying


And @MrGrilledChese why is your name MrGrilledChese? Are you a grilled cheese lover?:wink:


Yep last year in early October I made grilled cheese for breakfast in waffle irons, then for halloween I was a grilled cheese sandwich.


link to full story




Once on the user below me someone said that they hated grilled cheese sandwiches I got really sad :sob:


I know that suc.ks. This is the reason why I almost reply to every single topic that have OMTL in it.
(Oh I am in the OMTL BTW)


I took my name off the OMTL because I kept getting random notifications


Sadface emoji, as a boy in my class would say…
Well to be honest, I am a fan of any toasted sandwich that have cheesy cheese in it!
A cheesy grilled cheese with ketchup and bacon and potato will do the job for my stomach!:yum:


Have you ever put a grilled cheese sandwich in a waffle iron? For some reason it makes it like a million times better!!!




Well you have to try it if you have a waffle iron... but it tastes amazing like that


Not right now. I don't have enough cheese!


Lol I always have enough cheese for a grilled cheese sandwich!!! What mom we only have blue cheese ummm