Help On Pixel Art👾



I need help on pixel art please help me please please


What do you need help with?


I am ready to code pixels!


I had a thing on my General topic, telling you how.. why didn't you look at it yet?


@PrincessBunny1 I am always here to help!


Hi need to learn the basic of pixel art bust I don't know how @Work_kids_coding


@PrincessBunny1 Oh!!! Here you go!


@Work_kids_coding if I still don't get it then could I ask you coding partner and your my coding partner now by the way


There are three different types of pixels. Which one do you want to make?


@FeatherDance Square pixel art thx for helping by the way


@PrincessBunny1 ok! cool! I enjoy having coding partners!


@PrincessBunny1 Join my club to learn more cool stuff!


@Work_kids_coding Okay I have seen this video before but how do you get to know the basics with looking and copying other people


Sure, no prob! There's a topic which I found very useful on pixel art:

This is also where I learnt my pixel coding too! I hope you'll find it useful. If you have any problems, you can check out other people's pixel arts too!


@PrincessBunny1 That will be the next activity in my club!


@PrincessBunny1 I would suggest watching the video and at the same time do exactly what it says. This way you will have an example project for your future pixel arts!




First, make a new text object.

Make it blank, or a pencil/pen/marker emoji. Emojis will make it look like the pencil is drawing the dots.

Add code:
When game starts
Set Value (Pixel width) to 10
Draw a Trail (Any colour you want) width (Pixel width)
Move Forward (1)
Move Forward (Pixel width)

"Pixel width" is a value. To change the width of the pixels, simply change the number in the Set Value. Larger numbers are bigger pixels, and smaller numbers are smaller pixels.
"Pixel" is a custom ability block.
To make a line of pixels, simply add more Pixel blocks after one another.
Make more pixel custom ability blocks, with different colours
Name the custom blocks the colour of pixels it draws.

For a second line of pixels, add a new text object.
Move it to where you want your pixels to draw.
Do not add a Set Value block for any other pixel lines.
Add Pixel custom blocks to draw pixels.

Repeat this step for all of your lines.

If you need help, just tag me @MR.GAM3R! Happy Hopscotching!

Hope this is easy to understand