Help on my new project



I don't really know to explain this, but somehow, my code won't work as planned. D:

I'll explain furthermore, but can someone figure out what's wrong with this? ;-;

The words are supposed to fade, and then do the same with the next set of words. :0

I really want to finish this project by today, and I only have about an hour left. :0

I would appreciate it if someone could help. c:


Ill edit this post when I find my iPad.


So basically just make it fade away, wait, make it apear, and keep doing it!


Okay -- thanks! c:

I hope you find your iPad! :0


You just forgot to set the invisibility to zero (or fade in) after the first words fade. Try that :D


Yep -- make one set of words appear, fade away, and do so with the next set forever. :0


Wow! Values???

When using Fade in and Fade out, NEVER ever use values!


Repeat Forever
Word 1
Wait 5000 milliseconds
Word 2
Wait 5000 milliseconds

That's it!


Oh, okay! XD

If that's the case, then I wasn't paying attention lol


Thanks! :3

I was using those values for the beads(arms), so it's easier to know when they have to move. :0


Oh, don't forget the Fade in Fade out block too!


Btw, the Penguin only has one wing?

I'm guessing it's WIP... :grin:


Yep, I'm not done yet. :0


Thanks, @CreativeCoder! XD

That was my really silly mistake. XD
Great job me ;-;

Thank you all for helping! c:


Correct me if I'm missing something, but don't you need to make the words fade in before it sets the text to the second words?


I don't think so :0

I'm not an expert, I wouldn't know :3


I'm nit an expert either :confused:
Please do explain to me the purpose of that value, though.


The purpose of the value is to set a time in which the beads(arms) move, since in this project, they move left, right, and up. :0


Ahhh, okay. Thanks for da clarification!


You're welcome frend :3

I need to get to work now :0


I disagree sorry