Help on movement



My iPad's gonna die so I'd better type this quick. I have the little dots move around the screen, but when they move, it's kind of herky jerky. Get what I mean? I need them to move smoothly around the screen. any advice?





Can you post your code?


Are you using clones? Clones can be laggy. Anonymous made a great topic on reducing lag :wink:


I no it isn't great code. Here's a screenshot:

Not using clones. Wish I had, would have been easier. But eh. Whatever


If you want it to be smoother I would probably have two rules going, one moving the character and the other turning and then waiting.


@BuildASnowman I couldn't get that to work. It goes in circles.


Could some one please help? @Gilbert189 @CreationsOfaNoob @Valgo?


Mabye try setting speed higher? Also, copy and paste works with characters. If you donut know, the default speed for characters is 400 :wink:


I would try decreasing the max in both of the random blocks, or, like BAS suggested, make two different rules, one moving forever and the other turning a random amount and then waiting.
Just curious, what are you trying to make?


Ok. So in my game, you have to tap little circles to keep them happy, I guess. I didn't think of a storyline either. if you don't tap them soon enough, they will go away. The game ends when all the blue circles are gone. But there are also red circles, and if you tap them, the game ends. Your diving game is AWESOME @CreationsOfaNoob


It seems to me that it would appear jerky because you're continuously changing the direction to a random direction.

Changing the code to randomly increase or decrease the rotation based on the current rotation should give a smoother random movement


Wow. That helped. Thank you so much! You'll get credit! What is your HS username?


It's ThinBuffaloSr, but credit isn't necessary. Just happy to have helped.