Help on bracelet maker


Please help I need it now


I may be able to help, what exactly do you need help with?


Pocture time let me go get screenshots



Okay, I'll work on a tutorial. I'll post it as a reply on this topic.


Sorry it took so long, but here's the tutorial:

The fastest way to make a necklace/bracelet that I know is to use sine and cosine (don't worry, you don't have to understand sin and cos to understand this tutorial). :slight_smile:

First, we need to make a new value.

You'll see why we need it later.

Now for some sin and cos stuff.

(I tried to annotate the pictures so that the code's easy to modify if needed.)

Now all you need to do is copy this code and you're done! :slight_smile:

Not the best tutorial, but I hope it'll do! :slight_smile:


sorry but this make no sense


could you hekp if i publish it


Sure! :slight_smile: Is your Hopscotch username the same as your forum one?


Yeah I have a link
heres the sticker


Oh, I thought you needed help with the actual necklace. I can still help though! I'll work on fixing the code.


Done! Is that good or are there other bugs I should fix?



Thanks you totally get credit


You're welcome! I'm happy to help.