Help On An Easter Project...*Again*


Heh. Almost finished on me Easter project.... I need help on making a coded art chick..... May anyone help?

@SmilingSnowflakes ? You are DA best at trail art so I figured you could help... If not, fine :smiley:

Anyone can help!!


So can you post a picture of what you have so far?



No stealing... (I'm sure you won't, just a warning :wink: )


Anyone? Or I'm gonna try making it myself...XD it's gonna be an epic fail XD


I could help! :D

What do you nee help with?


May you help me do a coded art chick?


Sure! :D

Can I use trails?

And where should I put it?


Yeah, I mean that! And, by where should I put it, do you mean on the project? I would like it just under the cross, I think the main body looks ok at. The width 100, you choose though! queen of trail art :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:!


Thank you! :D

Could I have a link to the most recent version of the project? :D



There we go!