Help on a project


Okay so I was playing around in code and I came across this:

I want to continue that strand across the screen. How?
Here's code:


You have to make the repeat times block more !


@Silverdolphin I tried that, didn't work.


Then I am not sure as I do not have the new update !


@Gilbert189 @CreationsOfaNoob @SmileyAlyssa @Mathgirl @Rawrbear @t1_hopscotch @Valgo


Why have you put their names down ?


I'm wondering if they can help, because they are very experienced coders.


Yes ! Also @Valgo is more experienced than any of them so ask him !


I know exactly what's wrong. You are using rotation in the X position. Since Hopscotch starts over at zero when the rotation reaches 360 or -360, your "art" doesn't reach any further than X 360. You have to use another value instead of rotation :D


Thanks so much, @CreationsOfaNoob I have it figured out now. Here it is