Help on a project ;D



I'm making a new game called FOOD! @everyone

It's where you have a order and you have to choose the right food but if you touch the others you loose a life! (It's kinda like flappy bird)

But... I need some help with the lives part! The rest is complete! So please help and I'll make sure to give credit!

Also I may need some music and I'm not good at music...
Maybe @Anonymous or anyone else!

Link to game:


Lives? I can probably help!


EDIT: Ooh, music!


You should ask @SmileyAlyssa for help. She's good at that.


@CreationsOfaNoob want to help??


K. What do you need help with?


Ask @SmileyAlyssa for help!


The lives part on my new game @CreationsOfaNoob


How d'you know what the customers have ordered?


Just look at the game and it will make more sense ;D

There is a Food value block! ;D



@SmileyAlyssa!!! She's good at that stuff!


Ah! Didn't see that​:joy:



Please don't get angry...
There are other people that can help besides her ;D
I don't think she is online.
But I agree @SmileyAlyssa is good :3


@CreationsOfaNoob can you help?


@Wookie sorry, it just felt like no one was paying attention to me.:persevere:


@HorsesKM, thank for mentioning me! But there is hundreds of other people that can help on the forum, not just me :D

@Wookie, do you need help with the lives still? I can do that!




Thanks so much! @CreationsOfaNoob could you possibly add a game over screen when you loose all the lives?




And at the game over screen can you add your score?

And a try again button that resets the score so you can play again?

Sorry If that's too much your just an awesome hopscotcher and helper !



Game Over Done!