Help? O is tricky



So I was starting to create the Hopscotch word in clone pixel art. How do I make the o? I want it to follow my finger.
App Logo:
1st H:


At first I thought the tittle was a typo XD

Idek how to do clone pixel art, but I think that @Intellection74 can help you. :DD


Clone pixel art help from @t1_hopscotch and idek? Is that a typo?


Awesome clone pixel art!! Are you making the word "Hopscotch" all in one project or each letter a separate project? @Periwinkle_Dolphin


Separate. I don't feel like making it all together


Maybe like

I think you already got the hang of the rest of it with your H project!


For the O, there's no way to make it a perfect circle unless you use a lot of teensy tiny pixels, which we can't do in Hopscotch due to the clone limit and lagginess. For the O you might want to do something kinda like this:

Or this:

With the awesome colors @GysvANDRegulus used. :+1:


I think you could make it look pretty similar to the actualy logo by using a polar grid instead of a "regular" (cartesian) grid.

Like this:

Instead of:

Then you could use thin rectangles and set the object rotation corresponding to the angle coordinate. The coordinates would be (r,θ) instead of (x,y). Where:
r = radius
θ (theta) = angle

If you're interested but not sure how, I'm happy to explain more.


I think you should make the O as @Intellection74´s first suggestion. The H looks very cool, great job!


Can u make a project and send a link?


P and S are also problems


Hi @Periwinkle_Dolphin

I made a demonstration project to show you. I remixed your project asking for help and added the code. Unfortunately, there's some new bug in the Hopscotch app that is causing projects not to be saved. Well, this happened to me and all of my effort was lost.

Edit: I remade the project.
By ThinBuffaloSr in Hopscotch

The curves of the P, S and C can be made in a similar fashion.


Thanks @ThinBuffalo!


My pleasure. If you've any questions about the code, please don't hesitate to ask. My objective would be to help you learn something new as opposed to just giving code. :smile: