Help new Hopscotchers thrive!


Hey everyone! Your help is needed: let’s give a hand to new Hopscotchers so they feel at home at Hopscotch by sharing with them how to do useful things.

Create a brand new project and in it demonstrate how you use one of these features:

  • How to follow and see your following feed
  • How to get help from the help docs: (
  • How to copy or delete a project
  • How to remix a project (and that person will get a notification!)
  • How to share a link to your hopscotch project
  • How to copy a rule or custom block

You could use these projects as a reference if you’d like:

We are looking for a project from each category to feature so every new Hopscotcher can learn from it.


Petrichor I (Am)

i’m going to try doing this.



So I could basically write a story, then use images to explain or someway?


Yes, exactly that. Explain something you think is relevant for new Hopscotchers to understand how to use.


Ok thanks.

( Woah you replied to me XD)

I haven’t really coded in a while so I will see what will happen :smiley:


Cool. Can’t wait to see what you come up with!


Is this a move to decrease art and roleplaying?
I might do one of these.


Here it is!


What a cool idea! I am definetly going to try to do a project related to this.


Cool idea! Post the link to your project in this topic!


I’ll begin coding one tomorrow!:smiley:


Lol why do you assume that everything THT does might be that


I don’t think it’s to decrease that (and I don’t see how art is an issue, then again, I’m an artist), but maybe as a move to encourage more coding and less roleplaying?


This is a great idea!!!


I originally planned to do a bunch of things in here but I only did how to publish.

I might still do the others in a separate project though


I’ll do this! I’ll do the…deleting one.


Here’s my (bad) project:


This is a great project! Congratulations.


Hey smiley, you can’t hide this forever!