Help needed with this code (closed)

When "LOOK" = 1 the purple square shows
When "LOOK" not equal to 1 the square hides

The left arrow decreases the LOOK value by 1
The right arrow increases the LOOK value by 1
This is what I coded

This is what happens
The left arrow decreases the value by 1 but the right arrow sets the Value to 1

If this is a glitch on the latest version it's a pretty big glitch.



Works perfectly for me.


It doesn't for me.
It does what I listed here


Hmmm, interesting.
Maybe it is just glitching on yours, because mine is working well.
I dont know.


Funny it worked for me after it was published.


I haven't seen the new update yet, but I'll try and see what's happening when I charge an iPad


The code worked after I published and played the published project.