Help needed for undertale!


Hey guys! If you haven't seen my most recent posts, I'm making something- a scene from undertale!
This one! I have some of it done, but I need help figuring out some stuff with the red dots, and I need pixel art help! Please reply if you think you can help. Thank you!


I can help :3 What are the red dots for?


Shaped pixel art instead of trail pixel art? Because he moves a lot and when Asgore dies, he seperates into pieces that fly up.


Sure! I'll post it right now if i still have the draft. Hopscotch is doing some weird stuff at the moment for me.


They have to fly up from the bottom but only for about 100-200 pixels, and they have to get smaller as they get up. I have no idea how to do that!


I can do that :3 20202


yeee thenks :3333::3::3:33::3322020202020020202020200


And btw i posted the wip on my profile (Sparkczy :zap:️ )


Well, you are gonna want to be able to fight him (as a game I mean)


Yeah, I know. I'm gonna start with the scene though


I think you can clone red circles and just do set position and change x by.


And also a random size and invisibility block