Help! My project's deleted!


I've spent ages working on this project, I then left it in my drafts. I come to it and it's got the white loading screen. Then, it deletes. Is there any way that I can get it back before 29th of November, it's a Christmas countdown.
Please help, @Liza, @Meg, @asha

While making a project, it was all erased!

Have you given anyone the password to your account on HS?


No, I haven't. It's really hard to guess as well...


My password is really hard to guess to! It is a capital letter 6 lowercase letters and then a number


Quakle Duck
Tea Time


THT can undelete a project if given the title of it. They've done it before at least, and knowing how "deleting" works, I think they should still be able to undo it.

Just type out what the title of the project was, if there aren't any many other projects with the same title that have been deleted (I hope it's not untitled, if so RIP) they should be able to retrieve it from the depths of the server(s).


It's untitled...
How to i title it without publishing? Is there a way?