Help! My projects are stuck! 😱



My projects are stuck in the filter and I'm too shy to ask THT for help! What should I say/do?


This problem has been occurring more and more. @liza, do you know exactly what's going on? I think this problem is now happening to multiple users, and they are clueless about what is going on.


I understand, but I've noticed that's happened to a lot of users!


One of my Coming-soon games may not get though...It has a lot of different variations and tense of "d-eath"


@AHappyCoder Which is why I don't think we can publish Hopscotchified on Hopscotch XD

This hasn't happened to me (yet), but this has been happening a lot recently...


Yeah lol! Add your ideas in an edit!

What's weird is this has been happening to projects with no text too. How would that get blocked? -cc
Yeah odd... @CreativeCoder bug? maybe?
Maybe... :confused:
I made a topic about using this notepad feature for collabs @CreativeCoder
It's an bad bug...I have never had it...


Your projects are being stuc, in a filter because I think it recognizes some of your projects as innapropriate for some reason, and it's just holding all your projects back.

I don't really know, that's just my guess :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :wink:


Idk about that...My projects started to get stuck after I posted a project asking for requests and trust me,there was nothing bad about it!


I would get a new account,but then I would have to leave so much stuff behind! :cold_sweat:
(I'm talking to myself.....)


Ask your parent/guardian to email to Hopscotch Team or do it yourself. They will take care of it like they did me. It'll be all right. :wink:


I'm too shy....(can't let mah parents do all the work! :cold_sweat::sweat_smile:)


I wil email them for you!


Thanks a ton :blush:



No probloem!!! I will do it right now! What is your hopscotch username!



(Btw I followed you)


Thanks! And okay great I will get to work!


Just don't tell them to email me..
(Remember I said I was shy? Heh...)


Yep I won't I have not emailed them yet because I was brushing my teeth and getting in bed!


I said this to Meg!( the person who awnser said emails)

Hey Meg missfluffyhusky is having some issues with hopscotch! So here is what she said "my projects are stuck in the filter!" Please help her By the way the reason she did not email is she is shy to email you guys!


And also I will tell you when they reply!