Help! my project won't work!



I need help. My project won't work for some strange reason. All it colors is black! Can someone help me with my code? I used ihasfluffycupcakes' drawing pad for help with mine, but mine won't work with the colors! Can someone help me? I'd appreciate it a lot, considering I want to try and get on trending with this HSB color project.


Let me check it out.


Oh, yeah. Sorry, @friendship2468. I can't help you until I get my wierd internet glitch sorted out. But don't worry, I will go on your profile to find the project! So, I guess that means I'm lying in the sentences above.


Never mind. I think I fixed it. here is the new version.
Also, can you give me the HSB color code for blonde hair and dirty blonde hair?


Ok. This is what I see:
I don't know what's wrong with the code, it's probably a bug. But, I have 1 question. I copy and pasted the first color onto a set text block. What I'm wondering, is what are the % for? Inside HSB, there is no reason to put in the % symbol.

Can you explain for me?


But I didn't put that there.


Maybe that's a glitch. It still works though


Oh!i know why. That's because I copied and pasted that color from someone else's project


Yeah, I can't figure out what's wrong with the color.


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You don't have to put the %s


I didn't. I copied it from another project