Help! My hopscotch keeps crashing


I made a project yesterday. It was really big in code
I want to publish it today, but whenever I open my profile, it crashes! Help now I can't access hopscotch :frowning:


Did you update? How old is your iPad?

Enough with the questions. Try exiting the app, double click on the home button.


I've done that many times. :frowning: All my work for nothing :pensive:


That was a bug, but I thought they fixed it. Does Hopscotch not even work?
Try deleting the app, then reinstalling, or restart your iPad, if you haven't done that yet.


it works, i just cant get into my profile. i dont even bother, because i cant access any projects with t he new update. I have a school ipad, so im just gonna wait after thanksgiving when the update our ipads.


Hmm. Weird. Did you email the Hopscotch team about this?


yes. They told me to update


Ok. I guess I'm no help then.:sweat:


it worked now thanks for your help @Kiwicute2016


Glad it finally worked @Hiimnew. XD



when i was here in November each week people had like 200 likes at the most

now look at it