HELP! My drafts are gone!they are back now


HELP! So I go to my drafts, and everythings gone! Can the team bring them back?!? My Big game is lost!!!!!!! I would hate to redo it. :scream::sob::cry:


How much code was there?
Was there music?
What was the drafts name?
^^^ Important stuff. :D


Strange just strange


Which draft?
There was a lot of code all together.
There was 1 or two music drafts.
I dont remember all of them, most untitled, twinkle twinkle little star music, and the name of my big game was needs help. (to remind me I need to work on it.)
You think you can help?


I misread it. XD
I thought it was one draft. :P


Have you tried resetting hopscotch?
Or resetting your iPad?
Or logging out and logging back in?


no... but I will right now..... brb


THERE BACK!!!!!!! Oh, thank goodness! This can be closed now,


Would you like to recycle instead?


I dont know what that is.....


Recycling a topic is when you ask everyone to delete their posts, then edit the topic and change it into something else. :D


Then.......... no thank you.