Help! My draft “Linus and Lucy On Piano” won’t upload, and publish!




I was trying to publish my Linus and Lucy project, and I wouldn’t upload, and I was on the same WIFI that I usually use, and I exited the project and tried to upload the draft it then said “uploading draft 100%” and it stayed like that for 10 minutes. It wouldn’t publish, and it won’t upload. Please help.

Here’s a screenshot…
First it looks like this

Then I press the cloud w/ arrow then this happens

And it’s like this for infinity minutes

Then you press the X
This happens forever


I guess just be patient… Or restart the device???


Reset a few times, enter and exit the project, upload again… try the usual again
if you did already then :man_shrugging:


I’ve done it fifteen times (at least) and that wheel of doom has been spinning since 3:15 PST


Can you make a copy of the project and try again?


Tried that too sorry


Now, it’s 15 hours later (when I post this). Try again and tell us if it still doesn’t work.


Tried it and failed…


Everything else uploads and publishes tho


Maybe disconnect and reconnect your wifi?


Done that too… still doesn’t work :frowning_face:


I had the same issue with E-Pad. Keep trying and it will work eventually (took over 50 tries for me)


ARRRRRRRRGGGGHHH It’s going to take forever


Try to contact THT unless you want to try more than 50 times like @Awesome_E mentioned. Have you edited the JSON file for the project, by the way?


Me and @TheDeliciousOrange both code on school iPads, and we can’t edit the json files because our school emails are so locked down we can’t even email our computers.


I can e-mail them from home.


You can plug in your iPad! There are many guides on here, use the / search thing to find it. (You can also click the magnifying glass) :grin:




You can still edit JSON, but that has no effect on publish rates