Help,my accounts are not working!



Ok,so,since my account is stuck in a filter,I got a new account. But it doesn't work! I've tried making some new accounts,but they too don't work! Should I delete Hopscotch and then get it again? Should I just stick with my old account? What should I do??


Try deleting hopscotch, restarting your Ipad, and then get Hopscotch again.


Maybe email the hopscotch team about it? @Liza?


Eek this is no good I say it's the only way to email the hopscotch team! I know you are shy but don't be they are so nice!


Yeah, I'd say email is the best approach. I think accounts made from the same email are all stuck if one of them is stuck. (Don't trust me, I'm don't work at Hopscotch!)


Don't worry! Everything is fixed (I deleted hopscotch and then got it again),you shall now know me as The Scarfoot Nation!


You deleted the miss husky account? Nuuu