Help @moderaters please



I was regular for like 3 month and now I am back to member why is That?
@Liza @BuildASnowman @Rodrigo @t1 @moderators


You may have been flagged, you may have not read enough posts...

Those are two possible things I can think of tha would just happen.


Mm ya but it can't suddenly change can it (it's kind of unfair because there are topics I made that was lounge!


Uh oh! That's not going to be good...


Huh... you are still regular for me


Yeah! @Hermione, you're still Regular! :wink:


Did someone accidentally change your title?


I don't see the Regular title…Well, anyway, @oio's a Regular, and he doesn't have it enabled as a title…Could be the same thing with you…Can you still post topics in the lounge?


I don't know why but now I am back to regular I think it was a glitch thanks for replying!