Help Missing Apps


I have just recently started using Hopscotch. I have put 4 or 5 hours into a couple apps and was moving back and forth between the two. After One of the times I hit the X to leave one app both of the apps disappeared and I can't find them. Hopscotch didn't crash the apps are just gone.

Any help would be awesome.



What are the apps?


Welcome to the forums! You could email the Hopscotch Team at!


Maybe check the App Store and see if you can download the apps again?

If not, hold your power button down until you see a little thing that you slide and that will "soft reset your iPad"

Edit: but don't worry, when it turns off, just hold the power button until the apple logos comes up


Maybe you should try emailing th Hopscoth team, like @AHappyCoder said! :wink:

Welcome to the forums! You'll love it here! :thumbsup::smile:


They are two apps I started from scratch. They were in the drafts section.


I think he means projects, not actual apps from the App Store. :wink:


I have tried logging in and out of the app and a restart on the iPad.


That is correct, I assume I mean projects as well. Very new to this, just started yesterday.


As @SmileyAlyssa and @AHappyCoder said, I would suggest emailing the Hopscotch Team at


I have contacted them and thank you for the help.


Hi welcome to the forum @Kbaron!


Welcome! I sudgest you email the hopscotch team


Oh, you mean drafts from the drafts section, not apps, right? We think you mean apps on your iPad.