Help meh plz guys!



So look, There is a new update that I really want because ya can add pics and stuff, but I dun know how to get it!!! Can someone plz help?


You need to subscribe to HS by paying. Just click the blue star in the corner


Okey! And then what do I do?


You can update!

But for pics you need to subscribe for 8$ every month or like around 70$ for a year fren! :D
Update and you will get the thing about subscribing!


Okey! Sound Gud! How do I update tho??


Go into the AppStore and click update on the hospcotch app thingy :D






Smol problem....I go into the app and the button does
not say update! :0


@BerryFOX, it should appear after refreshing the App Store.


Otherwise, it could be that it's not released yet where you live.


It's great that you're excited about the update!:grinning: For adding pictures etc, you need to be a subscriber, which means you have to pay $7.99 a month.

To update Hopscoch, or any app, follow my instructions:

  1. Go into the App Store
  2. Towards the bottom of the screen you will see a Featured, Top Charts, Explore, Purchased, and Update tab. Click on the update tab. The update tab must have a number on it, which corresponds to how any apps should be updated. There should be more than a number one if Hopscotch is available to be updated where you are.
  3. If the Hopscotch update is available where you are, there should be an update option. Click on the update option and put in your I.D password.
  4. Just wait till Hopcotch is finished updating and voila, you have the update!:grinning::grinning::grinning: