Help Me With This Update!


Alright so I wasn't very thrilled to see HS change so much over the summer and stuff. Now, that the interface has changed so much I don't understand anything. I am trying my hardest to understand but I just can't get the hang of it. Any tips and tricks that I can get will be very appreciated. :slight_smile:


Just code more often so can get used to know where everything is!!!!!!

That is my advice




we can be best friends!


Thank you @Sweetlina I followed you on HS​:blush:


what is your HS username?


@Sweetlina its @ Cookie​:purple_heart:


Yep, you just have to play around with the code and get used to it. It was really hard for me at first but now it is a breeze! :wink::+1::smiley:


I was sort of confused too. Just keep practicing, or try to create simpler projects, so it is easier at first!


At first everything is hard to get used to, but once you start appreciating the good things that come out of it, you'll end up loving the new update! There are some things we have to let go of in order to let newer and better things come through! Overall, the update is pretty amazing if you put your mind to it! :smile:


Try the new videos? The videos might help you get used to the new interface!


Hope it's better now @Unicorn!

They're right^^^
Practice and you'll get used to it. Videos or remaking something you're good at can help too!


@Madi_Hopscotch_ @SillyKoala2601 @Kiwicute2013 @KVJ @Sweetlina
Thank you all so much for the advice! I am happy to say that I can understand the new interface and code again!


Fantastisch!! That's great to hear!!